Crazy Fun Lab : Match similar candies - by Play Toddlers (Free version for iPad)

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Utvecklare: Guillermo Fernandez Gonzalez

Our users say:

★ "One of the best games Ive downloaded for my children"
★ "The best brain training for kids"

A new little monster called “Tickle” has appeared, and he is very hungry. You’ll recognize shapes, colors and sizes, with attractive illustrations of candies, cakes, pastries and other sweets. Sometimes they will appear rotated, other times you’ll see only the half of the illustration. The game increases the difficult as the kids (and not so kids) become experts.

Crazy Fun Lab : Brain Training for kids is a game of logic presented by PlayToddlers, that will promote visual perception of younger siblings while they have fun. The whole family can play and enjoy with them.

Carefully created to be safe for children, fun, educational and attractive. Approved by teachers, parents and children themselves.

★ Features: ★

- 4 game modes. The children can recognize shapes, colors, sizes, or all mixed together.
- Easy and intuitive gameplay with a system of increasing difficulty.
- Interactive surprises and details to stimulate and entertain in a beautiful graphical environment.
- A real workout to promote the visual capabilities of the kids

★ What do the children learn? ★

The correct visual perception is essential for the future learning of any child. Crazy Fun Lab is designed to stimulate the 3 basic pillars of this development: recognition of shapes, colors and sizes.

For ages 3 to 5 years: The kids may improve its sharpness and clarity of detail by matching objects in the judgment of equal and different or discriminating between large and small.

For ages 5 to 8: Youll be amazed how quickly your child develop its skills recognizing objects from their halves or a shape rotations.

For the whole family: Crazy Fun Lab is not only an educational game, but is thought to entertain the whole family. All will benefit from a nice and simple visual training.

★ PlayToddlers Warranty ★

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